“The concept for this body of work is ‘moments’ and ‘memories’.  I try to capture the second the sun kisses a rock, or dazzles the water in a rock pool, with a shimmering reflection that is sometimes a chaotic abstraction of light and color.

Linking natural mark-making with mixed mediums, my approach is to construct, demolish, repair and through this type of layering, construct the history of the piece. My work is abstract, figurative, bold, serene, energetic, quiet.

What is exciting to me, is that people who love my work, will bring something of themselves to the creative process, because it is how they engage with their own imagination when they look into a painting or drawing that then ‘completes’ the work.  The paintings will draw them in deeper and deeper through the layers and the history.

This parallels with our lives, that are sometimes, colourful, full of texture, sometimes gritty, subtle, soft, stubborn, complex, with the many layers of human emotion.”